The Freelance Writer Checklist - Notion

Kingsley Ubah
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Are you a writer looking to monetize your craft and even earn a full-time income?

Then you've landed on the right page, and I'll tell you why over the next 2 minutes.

Freelance writing is booming because everyone needs writers.

  • Businesses need them (copywriters)
  • Busy professionals need them (ghostwriters)
  • Product sellers need them (affiliate marketers)
  • Book publishers need them (fiction writers)
  • Medical practitioners need them (medical writers)
  • Software companies need them (technical writers)
  • Bloggers need them (SEO writers).
  • Academics need them (academic writers).

The biggest reason why freelance writing is appealing to you is freedom.

Not many professions can bless you with the same amount of freedom and work flexibility that freelancing does. And I'm telling you this out of my experience.

From working in a soul-crushing cashier job to freelancing, content creation, and now being self-employed as a full-time writer and creative entrepreneur - I have been where you are.

Here's what someone who got this had to say

"But Kingsley, I don't know where to start", you say. Good question!

This book was created to act as your guide.

Here's what to expect:

🚀 How to get started

📈The best goal-setting strategy for yielding more results

❌ Dos and Don'ts of approaching clients

😎 How to write stellar content that attracts clients in 7 steps

📈 Productivity tips

💪Tough realities you must learn to accept

✔️ Tips for effective progress tracking

🎁 Other pro tips

👀 Helpful reads

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The Freelance Writer Checklist - Notion

3 ratings
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