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Kingsley Ubah
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How You Can Earn At Least $500 (N370,000) Per Month Doing Freelance Writing

No special skills required

Now this is for you if:

✅ You can write in English

✅ You want to earn in US Dollars every month from anywhere in the world

✅ You want to work from your apartment room

✅ You want the flexibility and freedom that your 9-5 job doesn't offer you

My name is Kingsley Ubah, I am an all-round, multi-niche freelance writer/online entrepreneur...

with bylines in tens of well-known publications around the world, including freeCodeCamp.

I started my writing journey in 2021.

Being a young student in a country like Nigeria with an unstable economy meant I had to find a way to pay my school fees and take care of my bills without depending on my parents.

Everything started when I decided to learn how to code; I started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

As a way of documenting my progress, I created a blog on a free domain and wrote twice a week about what I was learning and my general progress in tech.

It was during this process that I discovered it was possible to earn writing about code. This is called Technical writing.

It came as a huge delight to me because writing was something I truly enjoyed doing, even more than coding.

I got serious and applied to become a staff writer at freeCodeCamp, one of the largest skill acquisition platforms in the world. I wasn’t expecting to even get a response, let alone get accepted. But to my surprise, I got accepted!

I activated my account and went on to publish several posts that got millions of views and earned me good money.

I then decided to branch out, knowing that having multiple streams is a must if you truly want to live a deserving life and be able to afford all you want.

So I started building a diverse set of writing portfolios and started applying for freelance writing gigs under different niches.

And that’s how I went from being a broke university student to supporting myself and my family through freelance writing.

Now people read my work on these platforms and reach out to me to write content for them. And I get paid a decent amount of dollars for doing so!

This particular client, for example, paid me $500 for an 800-word post that I wrote in less than a day.

Note that $500 = 435,000 Naira

You may be wondering why someone would pay that much for an 800-word blog post. The answer is that the content was ghostwritten (I’ll explain Ghostwriting soon).

Meanwhile, on that very same day, I received $250 (N120,000) from another client for another article; this time a non-ghostwritten article of around 700 words.

Foreign gigs like these are the best. Nothing beats the feeling of getting paid in dollars. 

If you’re a Nigerian, or a citizen of a developing country, you should know how precious earning in US dollars is, especially when you consider our free-falling currency, the Naira.

So why was I paid $500 for an article of just 800 words? The answer: Ghostwriting.

Freelance writing is the act of writing for someone else and getting paid in return,

whereas Ghostwriting is the act of writing on behalf of someone else and getting paid more money in return.

Because you’re not credited for the content in ghostwriting, you’re typically paid more than you would in a regular freelance writing arrangement.

If all that sounds a bit confusing to you, don’t worry, we all start somewhere and you’ll learn more from the book.

This book teaches you all about freelance writing, but focuses on ghostwriting. That way, you get the best of both worlds. 

Here’s GIM's outline, so all of the things you’ll learn in the Ghostwriting Income Magnet:

So basically, I share all the secrets I use to earn in dollars as a freelance writer who also Ghostwrites.

Nothing is left out; I cover everything from what Ghostwriting is and how to find clients, to receiving payments and scaling to $5k/month or N3 million per month.

Ghostwriting isn’t Affiliate marketing. You’re not selling anything or promoting any product.

The process for ghostwriting is simple: you pitch, you get accepted, you write, and you get paid.

With time, you won’t have to pitch your services all the time.

Instead, people will reach out to you and ask you to write for them because they’ve seen your work somewhere else.

And you can charge more in this case because you have the upper hand. You have gone from a student and rookie, to a go-to person in your industry.

Speaking of students, mine are making a killing from freelance writing.

For example, this is Praise Ike. A week after getting Ghostwriting Income Magnet, he pitched to a lifestyle blog based in the US and got accepted. He’s now earning in both dollars and naira:

John is another student of mine who made his first income as a Ghostwriter in style.

After applying to several blogs listed in my Ghostwriting Income Magnet using my cold pitching template, two got back to him and told him to write a test article. He did very well and they retained him!

Even at 700 dollars per month (N518,000), he’s still earning more money than 80 percent of Nigerians.

And knowing how dedicated he is, it’s only a matter of time before he hits $2-3k per month.

This is the kind of life awaiting you as a Freelance writer. Or don’t you want to earn in US dollars while working from anywhere you want?

I’m sure you do.

Please note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

This is a legal contracting job with foreign clients. The agreement is that you write content for them based on their requirements and guidelines, and they’ll pay you the amount you agreed on.

❌ If you’re used to Ponzi schemes or MLM-type investments, then sorry, this opportunity is not for you.

This is only for serious-minded people who understand that value can only be created through hard work and consistency.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy NOW.

Also, make sure you message me on Twitter, so I can add you to my exclusive Ghostwriting community, where I share opportunities and ideas with my students.

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