JavaScript Notes and Illustrations (50 concepts)

Kingsley Ubah
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Learn 50 Important topics in JavaScript with my hand-drawn diagrams, Illustrations and short notes.

Table of content

The essence of this book is to break down JavaScript for beginners. To make it as simple and concise as possible. 

Some tricky concepts like the API, Asynchronicity, the Event Loop and so on are explained using hand-drawn analogies. You can also use it as a clean sheet for finding common syntax.

At the end of each topic, a link to an in-depth tutorial article is provided to help the reader grasp the concept better:

All chapters link to in-depth resources

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Thank you for your interest and happy coding! 

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You'll get

short notes
constantly reviewed code samples
links to deeper resources
easy to understand illustrations/visuals
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JavaScript Notes and Illustrations (50 concepts)

94 ratings
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